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If you have any questions or suggestions regarding data protection, please contact us: GmbH
Benjamin Jentzsch
Market 16
09648 Mittweida
E-Mail: [email protected]

1. Data collection and processing

Please note that the platform is currently a trial version. Be sure to use pseudo information and remember that the platform is based on blockchain technology. Data once in the blockchain is unchangeable and can no longer be manipulated and deleted.

All data is collected and processed for specific purposes that serve the user. These may result from technical necessities, contractual requirements or explicit user requirements.

2 Which data is collected and for what purpose?

Location - to find nearby offers from other users and to determine the location of a new offer.

Camera - for photographing and documenting appearance and features when the user submits new offers.

Payment information (private keys, credit card data, etc.) - for payment when using offers.

Local memory - for encrypted storage of payment information

Internet access - to find, post, pay, interact, etc. offers.

Temporary storage - to share data and offers

Personal data may be necessary to post or use certain offers. No data stored in the App will be transferred to GmbH (no location, no images, no payment information, no stored data, no temporary storage, etc.). does not receive any rights to the images listed in offers. All rights and obligations remain with the user. No registration with is necessary.

3) Publisher

Developer and publisher of the app is GmbH
Markt 16
09648 Mittweida
[email protected] itself does not store any personal data, pictures, payment information and other information of its users. We only reserve the right to collect anonymous data for the use of the app. does not receive, store and/or process any data on the servers itself. It is not necessary for users and/or providers to disclose personal data in order to use the platform or app. Personal data is information about your identity. This includes, for example, information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address. Please note that the platform is currently a trial version. Users and providers of the platform should use pseudo information and bear in mind that the platform is based on Blockchain technology. Data once in the blockchain is unchangeable and can no longer be manipulated and deleted. automatically receives and stores certain types of technical and non-personal information during interaction on our platform. This helps to improve the user/provider experience. However, this information does not personally identify either the user or the provider - they remain anonymous. may use a variety of methods to collect this information, including cookies, pixel tags or other methods, but cookies are not used to create a unique profile of the user/provider or to collect personal information. does not track information via the Internet.

4. Offer data and conclusions concerning the user

The offers posted in the app are stored on a public blockchain. This means that the data entered there can be read by anyone with the necessary technical tools.

The use of an offer can (regardless of whether a price has been paid for it or not) be assigned to the "public key" (public key) of the user on the blockchain. Even if no personal data is associated with this "public key", it may be possible to draw conclusions about the respective user.

5 New functionalities

This Privacy Policy will be periodically updated with changes to the app.

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